Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is something every small business owner prefers. The appeal is undeniable, first off it appeals to our sense of ego. A declaration to the World, that you do such a great job that your customers are all happy. Oh and it is free. Free is an attractive proposal compared to paying? Even more attractive when you already had some “marketing guy” burn you with lack luster results. So, I get a lot of small business owners telling me, “I tried that before and it doesn’t work”. While I can understand that level of sentiment, a survey of small business owners does not bear that out. Finding new customers is the number one concern for small business owners. Keeping current customers is a another major concern.

Am I talking about you? Have you tried some marketing and failed? Often the reason marketing fails for a small business owner, is lack of experience in marketing. How can you know what you don’t know? Unfortunately recognizing that you may not be a marketing expert does not really allow you to judge the competency of a marketing firm. This leads to many business owners throwing their hands in the air.

Don’t give up! There are huge pay offs for the small business owners using their internet presence correctly. Gone are the days when your customer’s opinion is limited to water cooler talk. Customers buying habits rely on research. The internet is always on and ready to fulfill our need to know the answers to our buying questions. When consumers want to find something they go online.