San Antonio Rodeo & Web Design

Every February I take my family to the San Antonio stock show and rodeo. 1.7 million People attended last year, so if you are native Texan then you are already aware. If you have not been then fix that and go. It is a lot of fun and there is food.
Seriously there is food! Food in various forms that is amazing and wonderful. There are turkey legs that turn mild mannered men into cave dwelling he men. Cotton candy spun from the finest of sugars, all offered in pastel rainbow hues. Sticks and meat are combined to form portable meals that please the palate and quicken the heart. Deep fried…everything.
Funnel Cake king of fair based foods. A huge fan of deep fried batter with more outside than inside and covered in sugar. But how does one buy a funnel cake? I had a fist full of dollars and all the vendors looked like their neighbors next to them.

funnel-cake-close-upLooking over the fairgrounds, it occurred to me that this is what the internet is like. There is a vast majority of things I want or need and that is about all I know. But how does one ensure that the company one chooses is the best for them. If your business is a service, what sets you apart from your competition?

Is the content on your site full of generic content? “Best Air Conditioner Repair”…just like everyone else. Do you to offer the “best prices” in town?
So how did I pick the booth for my funnel cake pleasure? I bought from the booth that had a lot of people. Which is kind of the same way I choose a company to do business with, when I don’t know much about that industry. I take it to a Google search and go from the top down.
So if you are on the internet don’t be like everyone else, put some thought and design into your web presence and give the people what they really need to know, who you are and how you can help them and what sets you apart from everything else. Web design and marketing is all aorund you just take a look.