Reinvest into your business. Have you Considered Marketing?

Often an overlooked and neglected aspect of a successful business, is marketing. If you are just getting started or have been running hard for a few years now let us talk about marketing and what that can mean to you.

So you make the best widget and sell it for a highly competitive price. How does the widget buyer know you are even there?

Consider this, Ginsu Knives were first manufactured in the 1950’s. Getting credit for birthing the first infomercial. What have you done today that is two minutes long and changes the market, forever? QVC and The Shopping Home Shopping Network should say thank you. Ginsu was an overnight success, if you forget about the twenty years of less than mediocre sales. But wait there is more… Who would have thought that two minutes of giving away things for free would result in $50 million dollars in sales. A good run that ends with the rights being sold to a Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in 1984, a little over decade over.

My point is not to go out and do an infomercial. My point is that catching the attention of potential clients can not be overstated. “Eversharp” collected dust for just shy of twenty years. Then Ginsu, (which means nothing, just further proof that marketing is amazing), came along and made the emotional connection with customers. Selling $50 million in a little over a decade. Marketing was the answer then and marketing is the answer now.
Thank you , technology. The world is not the same place it was when Ginsu burst on to my TV. Heck it is a very different place from where it was a decade ago, the internet has seen to that. Thanks to social media and online networking, 88% of people are finding websites and by proxy business through links. Like no other time in history, established customers and potential customers are talking to one another, what are they saying about you? Another survey has 82% of people finding websites through search engines.

But wait there is more..The website should be key to all of your marketing. That magazine advertisement and that billboard can only say so much about your company. A better solution, get them to your company’s website. Let the client know you through clever design and a well thought out layout on your website. How much time does anyone have flying past a billboard? A website can be looked at when it is convenient to your soon to be client. If you are like the rest of the country, chances are you will spend a large amount of your free time on the internet. Just between you and me some of us spend a lot of company time online as well. Should you be reading this right now…go ahead I won’t tell.