Play- Doh and Websites

As a wee little lad I went through a stage where I really wanted me some Play-Doh. First a little warning, I am going to both date myself and give you a peek into my glaring lack of artistic ability.
When you crank up the way back machine to the early 80’s, cartoons were a precious commodity that my kids will never understand. Saturday morning was the only dependable time a kid could sit back and watch a cartoon. There was no Cartoon Network and VCR’s were for rich people. I had a monkey on my back that demanded cartoons, and Saturday was the day I fed him, is what I am trying to say.
Enter Play-Doh and the commercial with Play-Doh “Pete”.

No time to watch now? Highlights include stop animation, a bunny, lion, car, and a talking boy. Wow those possibilities were endless. I would have minions to do my bidding. Insert diabolical laughter! Filled with a sense of glorious purpose I was able to acquire this Play-Doh… I begged my parents. There may have been crying.
I remember the day well. My parents, responded well to my tactics and I now possessed a multi pack of colors. Right here, is where I learned a valuable life lesson. No kid popped and danced around my kitchen table. I was quick to master the “ball” and “the snake”. Everything else was firmly out of my reach. I spent countless hours creating Play-Doh sculptors and not once did one come to life. No little friends to play with. Oh the secrets we would have told each other.
My point is that there are dozens upon dozens of free website offers out there and often they poorly solve one problem. The get you on the internet and if you aren’t you really should be. Is getting on the net your only goal? I hope not. Cultivating a core audience that grows and participates in your business is the real goal. How in the World can you stand out if you look like everything else? Is the code Search Engine friendly? What kind of message are you telling you customers when your web address is, _business name? How comfortable are you having to cramming all of your business needs into a one size fit most theme? Reliability important to you, too bad! You just signed your business’ online face on a whim. Most companies offering free websites can change their terms any time. Hosting, even fewer guarantee 99% uptime like we do.
I am older now and I have kids. I demo my mastery of the Play-Doh and my “snake” is more snake and less pregnant than when I first started. My kids are young so they are easily impressed. I would bet that your customers and clients are less forgiving. You dedicated a lot of sweat, blood and tears to birth your business. Don’t be cheap when it comes to your virtual storefront.