Internet Marketing Tricks of the Trade

As a business owner nowadays, if you aren’t utilizing internet marketing, chances are you’re falling behind your competition. Once you have an interesting website with solid graphic design, you’ll want to start using social media and e-mail campaigns to drive traffic to that website.

The good news for business-owners is that internet marketing is relatively inexpensive. If you have the time and the wit, you can start your own online marketing campaign. As it grows, it may be worthwhile to hire someone to manage your internet marketing, but at the beginning it can usually be done in-house.

Some aspects of internet marketing include:

E-mail Campaigns. A great way to target your audience is via e-mail. Begin by collecting e-mail addresses of your existing clients, and invest a little time in a well-written e-mail newsletter with impressive graphic design. Keep the e-mail information simple and informative. People get so much mail in their inbox, that they won’t take the time to read something that is overwhelming and confusing.

Blogs. Maintaining a blog on your website can help increase your chances of appearing on the first or second page of a search engine by increasing the amount of keywords on your website. Do some research to figure out what keywords you should be using to attract your target audience and compose blogs using those words. Again, make sure the writing is good.

Twitter and Facebook. These social media sites allow you to connect with your consumers on a more personal level. The sites are free to join, and then it just takes a little elbow grease to build your community. Be sure you carefully monitor the content on these sites, as one negative comment or tweet can turn into an internet marketing nightmare.

For more information on building a strong website and delving into internet marketing, contact our team at Roughneck Graphics.  We offer design services in addition to internet marketing services to help you get started in that daunting world of search-engine optimization.