SEO Term Definitions

Well You have probably heard SEO industry terms but wondered what some of them mean. Here is the Roughneck list of SEO industry words and their definitions. 1. Keyword optimization – Roughneck builds a custom keyword list that is specific … Continued

Designer EDC

We are gadget nerds here at Roughneck, so I thought I would take this change for a Designers’ EDC. The following Every Day Carry items are indispensable in my day to day, whether I’m headed to the office in down … Continued

San Antonio Rodeo & Web Design

Every February I take my family to the San Antonio stock show and rodeo. 1.7 million People attended last year, so if you are native Texan then you are already aware. If you have not been then fix that and … Continued

How to Choose the right SEO Company

How to make the right decision: To avoid making the mistake of choosing an untrustworthy SEO Company, the simple solution is: do your research. So search for a few companies who have promising offers, then test their SEO services by … Continued

5 quick tips that actually work for small business website design.

We like to see small business succeed and have beautiful websites that sell. With all the terrible advice on the internet it’s time for a few design tips that actually work and will help you get the message you want … Continued

Play- Doh and Websites

As a wee little lad I went through a stage where I really wanted me some Play-Doh. First a little warning, I am going to both date myself and give you a peek into my glaring lack of artistic ability. … Continued

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Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is something every small business owner prefers. The appeal is undeniable, first off it appeals to our sense of ego. A declaration to the World, that you do such a great job that your customers are … Continued

What is SEO?

Look, you can have the best website in the world but if you’re on page #7 what’s the damn point? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Digital Marketing technique that gives your website better rankings in search engines. Let’s face … Continued

Let’s Design a Website that Sells

Would you buy meat from a grocery store that left the bad meat in with the good meat or wasn’t clean? Would you buy a car from a sales lot that had totaled automobiles on the front lot? I wouldn’t … Continued

Top 10 Things not to do to your website

I believe some people create and publish websites for the sole purpose of tormenting their visitors. Browsing various websites and navigating the Web can often be like trying to read on an airplane while a kid kicks the back of … Continued

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