Best way to Generate Traffic to your new Site

Having people visit your website is extremely important, especially if your livelihood depends on a high volume of cyber visitors.  Internet marketing can be tricky, but it is an important tactic to employ to increase your website traffic.  Here is how you can do it.

Search Engine Marketing will help increase website traffic by bringing more people to your website while using search engines to look for products or information relevant to your site.  This includes usingsearch engine optimization (SEO), a term that gets thrown around a lot with regards to increasing site traffic.  SEO will employ tactics like using keywords pertinent to your website to help search engines discover your page.


Pay-per-click ads (PPC) are another form of search engine marketing, but does cost money.  PPC only costs you when people click and follow your ads to your website.  You can also use pay for inclusion listing to help increase traffic.


Use e-mail marketing, which is not SPAM.  SPAM is the unsolicited sending of e-mails to people, and the CAN-SPAM act will penalize those who do SPAM.  Instead, e-mail marketing is sending e-mails to patrons of your website, after receiving their permission to do so.  Once permission has been received, send e-mails regularly to those on your list.  Keeping in touch will keep people up to speed, and hopefully keep bringing them back to your website.


Bringing people to your website is a tough business, but it can be done.  It is important to the life of a site that it has an audience.  You might consider hiring professionals who offer web design and internet marketing to help attract more traffic to your site.  At Roughneck Graphics, we can help you with your internet marketing needs and make sure that your site gets seen.  We also offer graphic design, brand design, and web design services. Contact us to learn more about our San Antonio based web design firm.