About Graphics Design

Graphic design is a complex process that uses both art and technology.  It can include drawing, painting, photographs, and images made on the computer.  The creations of graphic design artists pop up everywhere, from movies to the internet to letterheads to books. Graphic design can deliver a message either through images or type.  It is an art form, but it works through a variety of media to achieve the finished product. You have to be creative to develop the symbols or message you are trying to convey, and then technical to create it using the materials common to graphic design—such as computers and their elaborate and intense graphic programs. Where can you use graphic design?  Company logos—or brand designs—are almost all products of graphic design. Using words and images to create a representation of a company, often in a symbolic form, is a great example of graphic design. It is also a tool that is often used when creating materials like business cards, brochures, T-shirts even, though these very physical objects may not be readily linked to graphic design.  Graphic design is also use in more technical venues, as it is incredibly important in computer programming. Websites that use graphic design not only tend to be more aesthetically pleasing, but they have a professional touch that might not be achieved by the amateur programmer. Graphic design can also make your website much more usable for your site’s visitors, presenting the site in such a way that people can understand and utilize its layout.

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