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Here’s how we define success at Roughneck: When your business grows, we have succeeded. When the look of your business is transformed in a way that makes you say, “That’s it!” we consider it a win. When you are so satisfied with your experience with Roughneck that you want to tell others, then our work together has been successful.


Branding, design, SEO, marketing: As a one-stop-shop for the web, we love collaborating–whatever the size, budget or timeframe. But there’s one thing we love more, and that is results. Roughneck works on time, on budget, and within your expectations to deliver what we hope is the best collaboration experience you’ve ever had.

We Make Sense.

So you get an SEO company on the phone. They start telling you what’s wrong with your web presence. They talk above your head, using terms you’ve never heard before, hoping they can confuse you into taking your money. You realize it’s like talking to a bad auto mechanic. Roughneck doesn’t work that way. It’s not about platform, CMS, SEO, or any of those other white-noise buzzwords. It’s about creating a web presence that gets you more customers.




We'll ensure your web presence is streamlined for Google, Bing, Yahoo and all their friends. Roughneck has a proven track record of improving our customers' online presence.



Sometimes you need a little extra push to get your website in front of some eyeballs. That's where Search Engine Marketing comes in. We'll do all the footwork needed to put your business in front of the people who are looking for it.

Web Design

Web Design

Take a moment to surf your competitors' websites. Note your reaction--it takes your brain about a blink to decide whether you like a website. Let us help you create a website that not only catches your customers' attention, but holds it and leads them to pick up the phone.



We'll help you create a great look for your business, from bow to stern. That includes logo design, a tagline, a communication strategy, website, social media pages, copywriting, and more.

Social Media

Social Media

We'll handle your Yelpify, Facetweet, Spotigram, and Instaspace presence. Beyond that, we'll respond to comments in a way that makes you look both caring and professional. For real. Our experts will even blog for you

Roughneck Origins

Who are the Roughneck Boys

With a collective 20+ years experience in marketing and design, the Roughneck Boys have done work in an astonishing number of industries from nationally known brands like Rite Aid to emerging small businesses in the San Antonio area. Over the years, we’ve boiled our philosophy down to four simple rules:

  • Show up.
  • Work hard.
  • Make sense.
  • Deliver results

It’s the same for us in the web industry as it is in any other walk of life. At Roughneck, the result has been fast turnaround times, clients who connect with new customers, and long-term relationships in several industries.



Our Team

Phil Mercer

Phil Mercer

Search Engine Magician

The San Antonio native who knows how to get you to the top of your market.

Mark Crouch

Mark Crouch

Digital Craftsman

A craftsman and thinker with mad visual skills to turn your project into a work of graphic art.

Ryan T. Warman

Ryan T. Warman

Sales Dude

The Dirty Sales man who will have you laughing and your project in check.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our Great Clients

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